What are Some Issues with Dating as a guy in LA

Single guys in LA complain about a lot of things: most of the girls they meet are actresses (unemployed), traffic is hell on Earth, and even Pauly Shore is getting laid more often than them. Los Angeles dating isunlike dating anywhere else, and here’s why.

The Traffic

Admittedly, this isn’t only an issue for guys, but it’s more of one for them, especially if they’re expected to drive to a location that’s convenient for the girl. If you live in Venice and your date is on the Eastside, that’s practically a long-distance relationship. You could only date people who live in your area or at least on your side of town, but you might end up regretting it if it doesn’t work out and you have to see them all the time, everywhere.

If you’re single, driving to LAX will cost you a pretty penny. The other option is begging for a ride on social media. The freeway is a constant and painful reminder of singlehood.

The Summer

Angelenos celebrate coupledom in summer. Barnsdall wine tastings and Hollywood Bowl are much better with a date. In fact, you never see anyone who’s single there – or anywhere else.

The Costs of Living

Only people who can split the rent/mortgage get quality apartments.

Early Calls

It’s much easier to hook up in a bar that’s open 24/7 or at least until 5 am. Few, if any such bars exist in LA. Last calls are relatively early.


LA-set shows like The L Word and Entourage make hooking up with an attractive stranger seem very easy. In reality, watching these shows (when at home alone) while browsing Tinder is the only easy thing.

Everyone’s Looking for Someone Better

Girls don’t always appreciate your company because LA’s dating pool is so vast. It’s tempting to think you can get someone “better” and lose touch with reality.

Unplanned Photobombing

You shouldn’t be banned from Griffith Observatory just because you’re single, right? No, but always avoid golden hour. It’s brimming with happy couples there at that time. Worse, you can’t turn them down if they ask you to take their pictures.  

Lack of Dating Venues

This was a problem even before the pandemic. Taking someone to a movie premiere may be a great first date option everywhere else. In LA, it’s just a mediocre date.