Top 5 Foods That Naturally Increase Fertility In Women

As many of us may know, age is the primary factor why a woman’s fertility decreases. Based from research, fertility begins to diminish for women at their 30s and falls down more steeply when they’ve reached their 40s. As women grow older, the stats of infertility and miscarriage cases increases and there are only two out of five who have successfully gave birth naturally.

While the facts are true, study after study revealed that lifestyle choices including diet, stress, medication, genes and external issues can also affect a women’s fertility. That said, making healthy changes to your lifestyle can improve your ovulation function. One of the best and easiest ways to do that is to incorporate your regular diet with fertility-boosting foods.

Here are the top five foods you can eat habitually in order to improve your fertility in a natural way;

Get More Protein

Get protein from beans, tofu and seeds. These foods contain healthy fats which help in promoting ovulation. Dr. Jeffrey Russell, a researcher from the Delaware Institute for Reproductive Medicine once said, protein is important for a better egg quality. This was justified through experimentation where participants with more protein intake have greater pregnancy rates than the ones who ate less.

Get Good Carbs

Eat more slow or good carbs like fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Carbohydrates as such are necessary for fertility because they produce glucose that is crucial in making enough T3 or thyroid hormone to avoid thyroid dysfunction. If you have been unsuccessful in having a baby for some time, bad thyroid function may be to blame. Fortunately, you can reverse this problem by getting more complex carbs.

Get More Healthy Unsaturated Fats

Stay away from the trans fats that you usually get from processed foods and commercial products and switch to healthy unsaturated fats like avocado, vegetable oils, flax seeds, salmon and nuts. They are all great sources of positive fats and estrogen booster which are essenial in maintaining cholesterol levels and mentrual cycle.

Get More Dark Leafy Greens

Make sure your greens are always present in your daily diet. Dark leafy greens like spinach, brocolli, kale and romaine provide a healthy alkaline balance plus other nutrients such as folate, and B-vitamin which are all essential in activating the sperm in the vaginal fluids and prolonging its journey for a higher change of pregnancy.

Get More Green Tea

It activates the cervical mucus that works in processing the fertilization, doubling your chances of conceiving. In addition to that, this simple food is very high with antioxidants that help in repairing the damages that occur in the reproductive organs as well as increase the production of eggs.

While all nutritious foods are crucial for health, there are specific ones that have direct benefits on fertility. Furthermore, the way men should eat to enhance testosterone is not that different from women. Regular consumption of the above natural fertility-booster foods will significantly provide your body the essential nutrients it needs during every phase of your cycle.