The Trans Dating Scene in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur’s trans dating scene is not as buoyant as that of other Asian cities like Manila and Bangkok, but that doesn’t mean meeting local singles in Kuala Lumpur is impossible. The Malaysian capital is a key stop along travel routes in and through Southeast Asia, and a lot of tourists who come here are interested in trans dating.

Meeting Transsexuals in Kuala Lumpur

It’s not impossible to experience a free encounter with a trans person in Kuala Lumpur, but many of them are sex workers, especially those around traditional establishments like bars and clubs. Most tourists stay in the city’s main red-light district, also known as the “backpacking area.” There are lots of bars, hotels, massage parlors, and freelance sex workers here, some of whom are trans. Moreover, most of the trans people in this area are not natives. They come from the Philippines, Thailand, or other Asian countries. Malaysian ladyboys are a rare find and more of an exception to the rule.

This shouldn’t necessarily be a disappointment to you because Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country and according to Muslim law, it is illegal to have sex with a Muslim out of wedlock. You’re only gaining from hooking up with a trans single from another country as far as the law is concerned. Of course, there are ways to get around the Muslim law as it is not very strict. Tourists – and their money – are more than welcome in cities like Kuala Lumpur.

How Conservative is the Malaysian Capital?

Transsexuals are not allowed inside red light district bars in the city. Does this speak for conservativeness? In my opinion, it speaks more of intolerance and lack of acceptance, because non-trans female sex workers are allowed to ply their trade anywhere. Either way, you won’t meet trans in bars for this reason, among others. They will be outside the bars on walking the streets in the area after dark. This is where you’re most likely to meet them. The ones you meet there will also be sex workers, of course.

The Hard Rock café is an exception to the rule. There are some ladyboys here who are not sex workers. They just like to hang out at the place, which has a Western air of acceptance and tolerance. They feel safe here and are interested in meeting foreigners, in particular from Europe and the US, again because these people are more open and liberal. This isn’t to say there are never any transgender prostitutes in the Hard Rock café. You might find out this is the case after you’ve already hooked up with them, but there’s that risk no matter where in the world you are. To avoid an awkward moment, it’s best to inquire in advance.