Author: Stockham Waterhill

How to Handle Sexual Conflict

When sex is the topic, people tend to be so aggressive about it. Thinking of how you are going to fix an indecisive sex life or what will you do just to make things in its utmost level are just some of the common thoughts that come to your mind while in the midst of […]

Top 8 Truly Insane Scenes Of All Time

In different ages, film-making is one of the best ways to portray creativity in all aspects. It has also been a way of giving literacy and imaginatively genre of what has been creativity taught to people. Mass media has its biggest role in depicting cinematic scheme as the producer open doors for new genre of […]

Top 5 Foods That Naturally Increase Fertility In Women

As many of us may know, age is the primary factor why a woman’s fertility decreases. Based from research, fertility begins to diminish for women at their 30s and falls down more steeply when they’ve reached their 40s. As women grow older, the stats of infertility and miscarriage cases increases and there are only two […]